The top 10 hosts for CPAN repositories

CPAN-PRCtoolchaingithub Wed 11 March 2015

I've been asked a few times why the PR challenge only supports github, and not other repo sites. There are two main reasons: (1) it's by far the most popular, and (2) I have various scripts which use the GitHub API, and I'm too lazy to look into dealing with the other sites. Here are the stats to back up the first point.

The top ten sites, and the number of CPAN repositories hosted there are:

 1)  9585
 2)   151
 3)   138
 4)    62
 5)    47
 6)    44
 7)    28
 8)    24
 9)    15
10)    14

So 92% of the dists that have a repo are on github, and second place is 1.4%. The script that generated the stats is on github.

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