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CPAN Adoption Candidates

Generated 2017-11-20

This is a list of CPAN modules that have been identified as possible candidates for adoption, and scored for potential. The highest scoring distribution won't have been updated recently, has outstanding bugs, and is used by other distributions. This list below includes all dists that scored 5 and higher, or that have the ADOPTME or HANDOFF permission. Distributions marked with the ⚑ have been flagged as available for adoption, with either ADOPTME or HANDOFF.

See my blog post for details of the scoring. If you're interested, read more about how to adopt a module. If you do adopt a module, please let me know, so I can add you to the hall of fame.

Note: inclusion on this list doesn't mean that a dist is definitely available for adoption, just that it might be worth looking at. Please be respectful when contacting authors; if you ask to adopt a dist and are told 'no', please let me know so I can exclude the dist from this list.

If your dist is listed here, and you don't want it to be, please let me know: it will help me tune my metric, and if needs be I'll put a block on your dist to stop it appearing in this list. I can also put a block on your PAUSE id, if you don't want any of your dists to appear.

Email me any suggestions for improving this: neil at bowers dot com.

DistVersionReleased byRelease date# bugs# direct depstotal # depsScore