Use of Dist::Zilla when adopting

adoptiontoolchainDist::Zilla Mon 30 June 2014

Whenever I adopt a module now, one of the first things I do is switch to Dist::Zilla, because it makes my life easier. But now I'm thinking I should only do this when it's a clear adoption, with minimal chance of the previous maintainer getting involved again. There's the perennial problem people have with DZ: to work on a module you have to install Dist::Zilla, and that doesn't always go smoothly.

When I adopt a module (as opposed to getting co-maint, which suggests it won't just be me doing releases in the near future), I generally:

Before my adoption of Dist::Zilla, I'd usually end up pasting a lot of boilerplate into Makefile.PL. And I'd often forget to update MANIFEST when adding or removing files. DZ generates those files, and it's not forgetful.

Quite a lot of the dists I adopt are single-module dists, for which DZ might seem a bit heavyweight, but it makes my life a lot easier, and the adoption process quicker.

I've thought about hacking together a dzil switch command, which would do the above, and also

Anyway, with a recent dist I was a little too quick to switch. The original author wanted to contribute, but Dist::Zilla wouldn't install cleanly. I don't know the specifics, but that's not the point. Authors expect the toolchain to always 'just work', and I think that's reasonable. Makefile.PL + ExtUtils::MakeMaker is a pretty reliable option.

So for now, I need to be a tad more cautious before switching.

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