Thank you, Chris Williams (aka BINGOS)

CPAN Testerscommunity Tue 20 May 2014

With relatively little fanfare Chris Williams, aka BINGOS, today announced that he's passed 20 million reports submitted to CPAN Testers. I think we should all pause to thank Chris for his contribution to one of the key resources for CPAN authors.

To put that into perspective, the second place tester is Andreas König, on 3.9 million reports. In fact, if you look at the testers leaderboard you can see that Chris has submitted more test reports than the rest of the top 30 testers added together! As I write this, they add up to just under 19.6 million!

Not only does he win the numbers game, but he's quick on the draw too, as I noted in a previous post: his smoke testers generally start submitting reports within minutes of you uploading a release.

If you want to thank Chris, his email is bingos at cpan dot org. And if you're so inclined, here's BINGOS's gittip page.

Thank you, Chris.

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