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CPANdashboard Mon 10 March 2014

For a while now I've been wanting a dashboard for my CPAN distributions, which would show me information pulled from various sources, and list them in an order related to how much stuff I need to do. I've created a very rough first cut — here are some dashboards: NEILB, BOOK, TOBYINK, KENTNL. Suggestions very welcome, as I'd like to play with this at the QA Hackathon later this week.

I first started wanting something like this when generating the summary tables at the head of each of my module reviews (which I need to get back to!).

If you look at my dashboard, you see some things highlighted in orange, and some in red. These indicate things that could be improved. For example the owner of one dist is ambiguous, but different people are owners of the modules it contains.

The dists are scored in a similar way to the adoption list, with the rating column on the right being the overall rating. By default the table is sorted on this column, but you can click on the heading of any column to sort by that instead. Click again to reverse the order.

There's a lot more that needs doing. For a start (thanks to OALDERS for some of these):

I wouldn't have released such an early version, but I wanted to get something out before the QA Hackathon. I think something like this would be good to have in MetaCPAN, and I'm going to be talking to Olaf about the adoption list anyway, so wanted to throw this into the mix, as they both will use some of the same data.

The core of the dashboard is constructued with CPAN::Dashboard; you can see how the rating is calculated in CPAN::Dashboard::Distribution.

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