CPAN adoption request template

CPANadoption Fri 31 January 2014

When adopting a module, one of the steps is to email the author / current maintainer and ask if you can adopt his or her module. Here's a template for that email, to help grease the adoption wheels. Thanks to BOOK, whose laziness gumption prompted this.

Various parts of this may need removing or customising according to the specific author / dist. For example you may not have been able to find their dist in github or anywhere else (did you check gitPAN?). So create a new github repo and populate it from CPAN.

Dear [% %],

Would you be happy for me to 'adopt' your [% %] distribution on CPAN? I've been using it and have noticed that there are some outstanding bugs. My plan is to resolve those issues and do one or more releases.

I've forked your code - you can see my current changes in my github repo:[% %]/[% repo name %]

In addition to resolving all outstanding bugs, I'll update the dist to follow modern practices, to get it 'CPANTS clean':[% %]

I'm happy to have co-maint status, but if you're not interested in this module any more, you could give me ownership of the module. That would give me the ability to grant co-maint status to others, should the need arise.

You can give me permissions via the PAUSE web site:

Or if you can't remember your password (or can't be bothered with the hassle), then you can just email the PAUSE admins at Or as a final option, you can reply to this email, and I'll ask the PAUSE admins to make the necessary changes.

My PAUSE id is [% user.pause_id %].

Finally, if you have other dists that you're open to adoption of, you might like to consider marking them as available for adoption:

They will then be flagged on the adoption list:

Thanks, and thank you for your contribution to CPAN,
[% %]

As ever, I'm happy to hear suggestions for extending and refining this template.

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