Quoted word lists in array refs

languagesyntax Mon 8 August 2016

I often need to put quoted word lists (qw/ one two three /) in array refs, and plenty of other people do too. It almost always looks messy — it would be neat if we had syntax for that. A DWIM'ish solution would be qw[ one two three ], but that boat has sailed.

Right now you have to write:

tuple => [qw( red blue green )]

It would look cleaner to write:

tuple => qw[ red blue green ]

But notation is already taken, as is

tuple => q[ red blue green ]

You might know that you can write:

\qw( one two three )

But that returns a list of scalar refs, not an array ref.

So what about qa, for quoted array ref?

tuple => qa[ red blue green ]

As with the other quote operators, you could use any delimiter, but square bracket would be the obvious one to use.

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