CPAN pull requests in January

CPAN Lotterygithubpull requestscommunity Mon 2 February 2015

There are various questions that people have asked related to the pull request challenge: will we be able to see an effect in github's stats, TIOBE, etc? My first question was: will this make a visible impact on the number of CPAN pull requests per month. In short: yes.

Using Net::GitHub I got details of every pull request made against CPAN distributions that have a github repo listed in their metadata. I counted up the number of pull requests by month, and here's the graph:

CPAN pull requests per month

So far 143 people have claimed "I'm done with January", but the jump in January was 336. Some people haven't claimed "done" yet, because although they've done a first pull request, they plan to do more. But many people have submitted multiple PRs on their assigned dist, and a good few have commented that they ended up submitting PRs on downstream distributions as well. And others have done unrelated PRs as well, just because the PRC got them "in the mood".

If you look at that graph though, you'll notice that January has had a notable jump the previous two years as well. And February's a short month.

So what will February bring?

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