Adopt a CPAN module

CPANadoption Wed 24 July 2013

Adopting a module on CPAN is a good way to learn the process of creating, releasing and maintaining a CPAN module. If you fancy the challenge, there are plenty of modules out there with outstanding bugs. Or maybe there's a feature you'd like to add to one of the modules you use? In this post I'll outline the process I've used to adopt modules, then describe each step in more detail. Let me know how this can be improved.

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It's all too easy to take CPAN for granted, particularly the modules which just work, and continue to do so year in, year out. Take a moment to thank the author of one of your "go to" modules. I did: he seemed to like it, and it made me feel good too. There's a quest stencil for this on Questhub — give it a go.

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