Are you using Net::Todoist?

CPANtodoist Sun 13 December 2020

If you're using Net::Todoist I'd be interested in hearing from you. If you're using the Todoist todo-list app, and would be interested in using an API for it, then this might be of interest to you too. I've completely rewritten the module, changing the interface, and talking to more recent REST API. Should I release this under a new name, or not worry about back-compat? I'm leaning towards the latter.

The Net::Todoist module currently on CPAN was created by Fayland Lam, and talked to Todoist's old API. I believe the module on CPAN longer works, and having looked at Todoist's Sync API, I decided to go with the more recent REST API.

I have written a new interface from scratch, and I'm trying to decide whether to release this under the existing name of Net::Todoist, or to release it as WebService::Todoist.

I don't want to pull the rug from anyone, but if no-one's using the existing module, then I might as well re-use the namespace, which I've been given first-come on.

So if you have an opinion either way, let me know please, either via email, comments on this blog post, or on reddit.

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