Developer release of Text::Table::Tiny

tables Tue 4 August 2020

Text::Table::Tiny is a simple module for generating ASCII tables from array data. A year ago I described some changes I was working on. I have just done a second developer release. If you use this module, please give this release a go, and let me know if anything unexpected happens.

Note: I plan to keep this module conceptually simple: you pass an array which is then put into a simple 2D grid, with no cells spanning columns or rows. There are plenty of other table modules if you want something more complex.

As a reminder, the new options added are:

This is a complete rewrite, so I'm going to wait a while before doing a non-developer release.

If you use this module, please try this developer release, and if you get unexpected results, please send me an example, so I can add a test.

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