The final month of the CPAN Pull Request Challenge

CPAN-PRC Tue 13 November 2018

December 2018 is the final month of the CPAN Pull Request Challenge (PRC). It started in January 2015, and the last four years have seen hundreds of contributions to hundreds of different CPAN distributions. It would be great to finish on a high note: if you previously signed up, why not re-join for just one month? And if you've not tried it before, why not try it now? You'll only have to do one pull request!

If you want to sign up, you just need to email me with your github username. If you've got a PAUSE account, let me know your PAUSE id as well please, so you don't get your own distributions assigned to you. Send your email to neil at bowers dot com.

The web site has a number of pages with help, in particular one that lists ideas for contributions. One key point: please contact the author of the distribution before you start working on a change, particularly if it's not listed in the open issues, and/or is a large change.

If you can't think of anything to do for your assigned distribution, or you're just not fired up by it, you can ask for another roll of the dice: another distribution will be randomly assigned to you.

I'm giving a lightning talk on 4 years of the PRC at the London Perl Workshop on Saturday 24th November.

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