The CPAN Pull Request Challenge for 2017

CPAN-PRC Sun 18 December 2016

I'm going to run the CPAN Pull Request Challenge (PRC) again in 2017, as enough of this year's participants have said they'd like to continue. If you'd like to take part, email me your github username. If you're a CPAN author, please let me know if you're happy for your distributions to be assigned.

The PRC in 2017 is going to run the same way it did in 2016. On the 1st day of each month I'll email participants a CPAN distribution, and they'll have one month to submit a Pull Request (PR). The following month, I'll assign a new distribution to everyone who has completed the previous month.

Here are some of the key points:

I'm going to email authors and ask if they're happy to opt-in, to expand the pool of distributions.

Why opt-in on authors?

One of the most discouraging aspects for 2015 participants was getting no response from authors, either after sending email, or submitting a PR.

Hopefully, making it opt-in will make the authors of assigned dists more likely to engage with participants, resulting in happier participants, and more and higher-quality PRs.

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