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todoisttodo listswhipupathon Sun 23 November 2014

Last night I released the first version of App::todoist, which provides a todoist script. This is a simple command-line interface to, an online todo list service. About 11pm I realised I had an hour to get something released to CPAN, or I'd break my weekly release chain.

The times when I've wanted to a command-line tool is where I wanted to batch add a number of things to my todo list, generally a list of things that came from somewhere else. So at the moment the script just supports that:

% todoist -project perl -i todolist.txt
42 tasks added from todolist.txt

I'll add more features as I need them. Pull requests are welcome, of course.

I've tried a lot of todo list apps over the last 4 years. Todoist is the one I've stuck with the longest, but it has a number of niggles so I'm thinking of looking for an alternative (which fills me with dread, given how many are out there). What do you use?

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