My first Perl Mongers meeting

community Thu 25 September 2014

I attended my first ever Perl Mongers meeting this evening, a Thames Valley PM (TVPM) tech talks session, and presented a rough first draft of a talk I've submitted to the London Perl Workshop. We had two lightning talks then random Perl chitchat at the pub.

My talk really was a rough cut - I finished the slides about an hour before I was due to start talking. I couldn't decide what approach to take in the talk, so ended up covering way too much. But there was a lot of Q&A during the talk, and I got a lot of good suggestions. I blame the Q&A for making my 20-minute talk take about an hour :-) As a result of the feedback I'll be changing my submission.

There were two thought-provoking lightning talks, from BOWTIE and OLIVER. Both of them prompted discussion, and have encouraged me to try new things.

TVPM usually meets in Reading, but today came to Marlow, where I live. It sounds like it's going to try moving around, to see if that makes it possible for new blood to join. I'm hoping I'll be able to make it next time.

Thanks to Nuance who hosted us, and Carlos who made that happen.

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