curationCPAN Sun 4 May 2014

Perl::MinimumVersion is a handy module that will scan your code and tell what the minimum version of Perl that it thinks your code requires. It doesn't have full coverage of Perl features, particularly for releases since 5.10.0. I've been using it more and more, so asked ADAMK for co-maint so I could work on updating it.

I've started working through the bug list, which on its own represents a lot of work.

I've also started work on a google docs spreadsheet which lists all the major changes in stable Perl releases since 5.10.0, so I can gradually improve coverage.

Happy to get suggestions for other things, either via RT tickets, github issues, or email to my CPAN email address. I plan to do periodic small releases rather than occasional big batches, as I find that works best for me.

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