The 15 minute rule

communitycultureguidelines Thu 23 January 2014

When working on something, when you hit a problem don't ask for help right away. Work at it until you feel stuck. And when you're stuck, work at it for 15 more minutes, even if you feel like you're banging your head against the wall. And then ask for help.

During the 15 minutes try all sorts of things; allow yourself to try silly things, becomes sometimes they'll trigger good ideas. Google those silly things, because in your previous googling you may just not have been expressing your problem in the right way to find a solution. Admitting that you're stuck, and knowing that you'll ask for help in 15 minutes, can free up your mind.

And then before you ask, write down the problem, what you're trying to do and why, and what you've tried so far. Sometimes doing this will either reveal the answer, or at least new avenues to try. If not, you at least make life easier for the person / people you're asking for help.

Doing this will help you learn more, rather than just being spoon-fed the answer. It's also more respectful of the people you're asking for help from.

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