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CPANmarkdownblogging Sat 11 January 2014

I've just released Text::Markdown::PerlExtensions to CPAN. This is a subclass of Text::Markdown that provides extensions for referring to Perl things using a pod-style syntax. I wrote it to use in bs, my blogging engine. At the moment it has formatting codes for referring to CPAN modules and authors.

The first sentence above is written in the source of this post as:

I've just released M<Text::Markdown::PerlExtensions> to CPAN.

The M<...> sequence is used to identify a CPAN module. It generates a link to the pod for the module on MetaCPAN. Similarly, the A<...> sequence is used to identify a CPAN author, using their PAUSE id:

M<Moops> is written by A<TOBYINK>.

Which generates the line:

Moops is written by TOBYINK.

You can define your own formatting codes, and can override M and A if you want to. See the documentation if you're interested in that.

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