Community Cakes for the London Perl Workshop?

LPWcommunitybaking Sun 29 October 2017

At the London Perl Workshop, we've often had cupcakes and the like during one of the coffee breaks. LEONT suggested that I bake 200 muffins, but I couldn't see how to get that many in on the train. It did prompt an idea though: could we crowd-source cakes, cookies, and muffins from the attendees?

I can make and bring in 20 muffins, so we'd just need another 9 people to similarly commit, and we could cover one of the coffee breaks.

If you're up for this, please drop me an email (neil at bowers dot com), and if we get enough bakers, I'll let you know that we're on.

I recently made blueberry muffins, following this recipe. I'm not much of a baker, but they turned out pretty well, so maybe you could give them a go?

Haven't registered for LPW yet?

If you're planning on coming to LPW, but haven't registered yet, please do, as it will help the organisers plan for things like this.

Update: 1st Nov

So far we have 5 bakers signed up, so just need 5 more

Update: 17th Nov

We're on -- we now have a crew of 10 bakers, who are working out what to bring.

This is great!

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