Help CPAN with Hacktoberfest 2017

communityhacktoberfestgithub Sun 1 October 2017

Hacktoberfest is an annual event where if you do four pull requests in the month of October you'll get a free t-shirt. Why not do your pull requests on CPAN distributions, for example to fix a bug, increase coverage of the test suite, or improve the documentation.

To take part in Octoberfest, you obviously need a github account. Then go to the Hacktoberfest website and click on the Start hacking button.

Once you've signed up, you just need to do four pull requests (PRs). It's up to you to find four things to do PRs on. If you manage four PRs, then in November you'll be contacted by a Hacktoberfest elf to get your postal address.

You could look at CPAN, Perl-Critic, Tk, App-perlbrew, Archive-Zip, or Template-Toolkit, which all of have a lot of open issues.

Or look at URI, Test-Deep, HTTP-Message, Net-HTTP, and HTML-Tagset, which are all depended on by a lot of other CPAN distributions.

Finally, you could look at CPANtoberfest — a list of CPAN distributions that previously said they're open to pull requests (I created this for a previous year's Hacktoberfest).

When you look at these distributions, remember that there may be issues listed both on RT and github. And if you've an idea for a PR, first contact the author or current maintainer and make sure they're open to your idea / PR.

Hacktoberfest is run by DigitalOcean.

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