Thinking of giving your first ever Perl talk?

communityYAPC::NAspeaking Wed 22 June 2016

If you've never given a talk at a Perl conference or workshop, but would like to, the YAPC::NA videos are a good source of inspiration and how (not) to give a talk. Watch a bunch of videos and make brief notes: distil these down into guidance for yourself.

I'm trying to watch a lot of YAPC::NA videos this year. Usually I start with this plan, and fizzle out after woefully few.

The videos for this year's YAPC::NA are good, and there are a lot of them already. Start watching lots of talks, and write brief notes: what good things does the speaker do, and what bad things? Which talks did you enjoy?

If you're not engaging with a talk, move on to the next one! There are loads to watch, and you're probably not going to get to all of them, so optimise your time.

Which speakers would you like to emulate? Watch what they do and don't do, and work on your speaking approach with your notes as guidance. But you still have to be yourself. What topics and types of talk did you enjoy? Maybe think about a similar type of talk for your first talk.

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