QA Hackathon 2016 - a retrospective

QAH Sun 8 May 2016

This is a review of 2016's QA Hackathon, based on feedback from attendees, sponsors, the organisers, and anyone else who chooses to pass comment. The goal is to make next year's event better and to help next year's organisers. Note that there may well be conflict between comments.

What worked well?

What could be improved?

Internet access always seems to be an issue. Some people need to have long-running SSH connections to remote machines, so stable network connections are important. For these people some wired network access points would really help. Organising a dedicated network for the QAH makes sense, in addition to whatever the hosting site provides.

A couple of ideas

What does a perfect QAH look like?

Based on experience with recent QAHs, and all of the above, the following is what we think makes a really good QAH:

Some thoughts on the people organising:

The QA Hackathon is only possible with the support of sponsors, so I'd like to thank this year's sponsors: FastMail, ActiveState, ZipRecruiter, Strato, SureVoIP, CV-Library, OpusVL, thinkproject!, MongoDB, Infinity, Dreamhost, Campus Explorer, Perl 6, Perl Careers, Evozon, Booking, Eligo, Oetiker+Partner, CAPSiDE, Perl Services, Procura,, Robbie Bow, Ron Savage, Charlie Gonzalez, and Justin Cook.

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