Women keynote speakers for YAPC::EU 2016

communityequality Thu 7 January 2016

Prompted by some tweets from Su-Shee, I've been thinking about women speakers at Perl conferences, and in particular for keynotes at YAPC::EU this year. These are some thoughts on how we might be able to address this.

I realise this post should probably be tagged mansplaining, but I'm hoping this might prompt some more women candidates on the keynote voting list for YAPC::EU 2016.

Cluj.pm (organisers of YAPC::EU 2016) opened up voting for keynote speakers, which is an interesting change. Several people pointed out that there aren't many women on that list. I haven't checked, but I'd guess it's about the same ratio as for women speaking at Perl conferences, and women CPAN authors.

If we want to change those latter figures (Perl speakers and CPAN authors), then we need more inspiring women talking at our Perl conferences, amongst other measures. Keynote speakers don't have to be Perl developers. They don't have to be developers even, but given YAPC::EU's focus, I think it would be great to have a woman talking about open-source in a different programming language / community.

Based only on a bit of googling, and what I've picked up on twitter, here are some examples.

Who else should be on a list of candidate keynote speakers?

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