Which CPAN distributions have a github repo?

CPAN RivergithubCPAN-PRC Wed 30 December 2015

One third of CPAN distributions (33.1%) have a github repository, but which distributions are they, and are distributions more likely to have a repo if they're further up the CPAN River? This is a quick post to record the stats for future comparison.

At the QA Hackathon in Berlin in April 2015, we discussed how development practices should mature as a distribution moves up river. One of the points was that by the time a dist has reached the middle of the river, it's a good idea to have a public source code repository. This makes it easier for other people to contribute, and leaves a clear master source should you disappear for some reason.

The following table summarises how many distributions on each stage of the River have a repo listed in the distribution's metadata.

Number of downstream dependents
10k+ 1k - 9999 100 - 999 10 - 99 1 - 9 0
# dists 45 195 570 1589 8210 21250
No repo 17 62 190 737 4575 15748
37.8% 31.8% 33.2% 46.3% 55.6% 74.0%

As with the water quality metrics, the percentage improves as you go up river, until you get to the head of the river (10k+ dependents), at which point it gets worse again.

The reality is that there are a lot of CPAN distributions that have a github repo but the repo isn't listed in the distribution's metadata. The first thing I plan to do is work down from the top of the river, looking for these cases, and submitting pull requests. Feel free to help!

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