CPAN pull requests in May 2015

CPAN-PRCgithubpull requestscommunity Wed 24 June 2015

A bit later than usual, this is a quick look at the number of CPAN pull requests that were done in May 2015. A noticeable drop from previous months, but still more than in any month before 2015. Just.

Here's the chart showing number of pull requests per month against CPAN repositories:

CPAN pull requests per month

Fewer people had assignments in April. The following table shows how many people have completed each month so far, the total number of PRS done in the challenge, and the number of PRs pr person (PRPP):

 People  PRs  PRPP
Jan 167 254 1.52
Feb 115 174 1.51
Mar 89 145 1.63
Apr 57 82 1.44
May 47 70 1.49

Those will be pretty close to final numbers, since I'm doing it roughly three weeks later than usual.

The decrease in pull requesters each month is slowing down. I've been hoping that we might see 50 people past the half-way point this year. Currently 84 people have had an assignment for June, but some of those will either skip or drop out, so it's going to be close.

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