CPAN pull requests in April 2015

CPAN-PRCgithubpull requestscommunity Sat 9 May 2015

This is the usual quick look at the number of CPAN pull requests that were done in April 2015. Ever-so slightly more than in March (650 vs 643), so the second-best month ever.

Here's the chart showing number of pull requests per month against CPAN repositories:

CPAN pull requests per month

Fewer people had assignments in April. The following table shows how many people have completed each month so far, the total number of PRS done in the challenge, and the number of PRs pr person (PRPP):

 People  PRs  PRPP
Jan 165 253 1.53
Feb 114 174 1.53
Mar 88 142 1.61
Apr 53 77 1.45

Those aren't the final numbers, especially for April. Based on experience so far, I expect another 5 to 10 peole will complete their assignment, and some people who've already done one PR will do another.

In the first four months of 2014 there were 1520 pull requests on CPAN distributions, compared to 2712 in the first four month of 2015. That's an increase of 78%.

Each month a few more people drop out, a bunch of people skip their assignment, and a handful of people sign up. Right now we have 200 people still officially active (it was 261 at this point last month), and so far 100 people have had an assignment for May.

From these figures you can see that the number of people participating in the challenge is dropping each month, as is the number of challenge PRs being done. But so far the total number of CPAN PRs is holding roughly steady (ignore the January honeymoon effect). Is this a secondary effect of the challenge, or something else? I've no idea.

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