Culling zombies from January

PRC Sat 28 March 2015

This evening I culled 80 participants in the Pull Request Challenge. These were people who had a January assignment but never did a pull request, and haven't replied to any of my subsequent emails. Culling them freed up 80 distributions to be assigned again in April.

At the moment I'm running with a rule that each distribution only gets assigned one time. So those distributions were in danger of never getting a PR done. And there were a lot of popular dists in there, which hopefully now stand a better chance of having one or more PRs.

I'll probably change the "only assign once" rule, to assign multiple times if there are still enough issues outstanding, but I'm waiting to see how things pan out.

So far 167 people completed an assignment for January, and there are 7 people who are currently sticking with their January assignment, still hoping to do a PR some time.

If someone wants to stick with an assignment, they just need to tell me. If I don't hear that, then two months after the end of the deadline, they'll get culled.

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