Various updates on the Pull Request Challenge

CPAN-PRC Mon 9 March 2015

I've tweaked a few things in the past week, so they're all listed here: a new web site, changes in scoring, and a new hit list for getting dists on github.

A PRC home page

The home page for the PR challenge is now It's on github, so you can send changes.

Thanks to HAARG for nudging me to sort something out based on github pages.

Changes in scoring

I've made two changes in scoring, both of which mean that some dists now have a lower score:

Also the scoring table now only contains dists that haven't yet been assigned, a good suggestion from GENEHACK and possibly others as well.

Hit list

The hit list is like the scoring table, but contains distributions that don't have a github repo, with a PRC scoring against them. This is to help us identify dists which would be good to get on github, or which are on github but don't list he repo in the metadata.

Thanks to ETHER for suggesting this.

March assignments

The March assignments are now public. After sending out the assignments on the 1st of each month, I wait 5 days before publishing the list.

This gives people time to ask for a different dist if they really can't work with the one they were assigned.

Culled BackPAN dists

I hadn't been culling dists from my database when they're removed from CPAN. This meant they could show up in the scoring table or hit list. I removed them, and will now do this cull as part of my regular updates.

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