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CPANgamification Wed 16 April 2014

Today was my 28th consecutive day releasing to CPAN, and I'm one day behind BARBIE who started all this. Having to release every day has pushed me in a number of ways, and I've certainly done more in the last 4 weeks than I would have otherwise.

Last month I created the once a month / week / day pages, partly because CJM's once a week competition has prompted me to do more than perhaps I might have otherwise. A few weeks ago BARBIE started a quest to hit 30 consecutive days releasing. He cunningly waited until he was top of the leaderboard before announcing his plan. At that point I was one day behind him, and decided I'd ride in his slipstream.

In that time I've

I've had a couple of close shaves. Last Saturday I decided I'd finally get around to writing and releasing a first cut of a module I've been meaning to write for a while. Fortunately the switch to BST means that I've got an extra hour, and I made it with 12 minutes to spare. Without the motivation of this silly competition, and wanting to not break the chain I probably wouldn't have got round to doing it yet.

Do a Perl thing every day:

Even if you just do a little bit every day, pretty soon you can look back and think, "hey, I've done quite a bit", and then you want to keep going.

Tweet about it and add the hashtag #dailyperl. I tried knocking up something to look for these and make a leaderboard, but gave up on Net::Twitter. Anyone fancy giving it a go?

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