My first release of WebService::BambooHR

miscBambooHR Sat 1 February 2014

WebService::BambooHR provides an interface to the API for BambooHR is a commercial web-based HR information system: a company can use it to manage information about its employees and handle various HR related tasks. This module provides access to a subset of the API.

I needed a minimal API for work, and got something working very quickly. But while looking at their documentation, I that noticed they listed interfaces for PHP, .NET, Java, and Python, but not Perl.

Recently I'd seen Dave Cross's blog post about the Perl API Squad and decided I'd put a bit more effort into a public module, and use it as a learning experience as well. I blogged about part of that learning recently.

I explained to BambooHR about CPAN Testers and asked if I could get a read-only account so my testsuite could do a small number of live tests. They were happy to help, for which they have my thanks.

I'll continue to use this as a vehicle for experimentation and learning.

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