Coming full circle, 15 years later

CPANadoptioncuration Tue 14 January 2014

I've just released a new version of HTML::Summary, which I adopted from Ave Wrigley (AWRIGLEY) and Tony Rose (TGROSE). The main reason I did this was to resolve a mix-up in PAUSE permissions, that was spotted by Brian Cassidy (BRICAS). But I was also coming full circle: I previously worked with Ave and Tony, and wrote the first version of HTML::Summary (with Tony), which never made it to CPAN.

While working on CPAN::Mini::LatestDistVersion recently, BRICAS noticed that there were two releases of HTML-Summary with version 0.017, released by two different people, in 1999. The problem was compounded because Tony had PAUSE permissions for one of the modules in the dist, and Ave had permissions for the other three. So both releases had been flagged as unauthorized, and neither author would have been able to release a new version.

Since I knew both authors, having worked with them, I offered to try and resolve the situation. I asked them both to transfer ownership (the 'f' permission on PAUSE) to me, so I would have permission for all 4 modules. We had to ask the PAUSE admins to help out Tony, but now I'm the owner of all four modules.

I released 0.018 this evening, fixing up a few things along the way. I'll do at least one more release, to add some more metadata, and see if there are any competing modules to list in the SEE ALSO section.

I think I last worked on this module in 1997, and Ave & Tony did the last release in 1999. Doing this release was strangely satisfying. Thanks to Ave and Tony.

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