Including CPAN Testers results in the adoption list

CPANadoptionCPAN Testers Sat 30 November 2013

I've extended the CPAN adoption list to factor in results from CPAN Testers. This caused 6 dists to move up into the top 20.

For each dist there are three counts available from CPAN Testers:

If a dist has fewer than 50 test reports for its most recent release, then I don't include CPAN Testers in that dist's score. Otherwise the dist gets a score between 0 and 2:

As a results of these changes, the following dists have moved up into the top 20:

I'm not sure about the parameters, but figure I'll see how it feels for specific dists, and tune if needed.

I'm using BARBIE's CPAN::Testers::WWW::Reports::Query::AJAX module to get the CPAN Testers results.

I'm giving a talk on the adoption list at the London Perl Workshop later today, so this is a bit of conference-driven development.

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