Awareness of dependencies changed my behaviour

CPANCPAN Testersdependencies Thu 22 August 2013

As I described in a recent post, I discovered that my Module::Path module has rather more dependent distributions than I thought. Awareness of this has changed my behaviour, for the good.

Yesterday Sharl Morlaroll submitted a bug: where a directory in @INC is a symlink, it can cause problems on some OSes if you return a full path containing the symlink. Sharl proposed that the symlink should be resolved, with the final path returned. After some discussion I decided to make the change.

I was just about to push 0.10 to CPAN when I remembered all those dependent distributions. I quickly changed to a developer release (0.09_01) and pushed that instead. So far it looks good.

But now I really need a good set of tests for symlinks. I wonder if I can get Sharl to do that ...

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