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module reviewsweb frameworks Wed 1 May 2013

One of my next CPAN reviews is going to be a review of web frameworks for Perl. This post outlines my current plan and the frameworks I'm aware of. I'm also hoping to get some guinea pigs to help out as well.

I intend to implement the same application in each of the main frameworks under review. I'm open to suggestions for this application, but my current thought is an app for managing bookmarks. The application should have the following characteristics:

There are a lot of distributions on CPAN that describe themselves as web frameworks. My plan is to include all frameworks, but only do a full review of a subset. The criteria for doing a full review will probably change as I go.

I currently have the following as definites:

Here's my current list of other contenders:

A search for 'web framework' on MetaCPAN lists a whole load of others, many not updated for a good number of years. I should at least list all of them. What other frameworks should I be aware of?

I plan to blog here about each framework as I go, to record my experiences, and hopefully get input from other people. I'd also welcome anyone who wants to join me on this, either trying a different framework from their regular one, or starting out fresh. I currently don't have experience with any of the frameworks listed above, but realise that once I've worked through a couple, subsequent ones will be easier. I'll "loop back around" to try and allow for that.

Full disclosure: I applied for a Perl foundation grant for $1500. My reviews take quite a lot of time, and I was expecting this to take a lot more effort than any review to date. The grant was turned down, so I'm going to rethink my approach to this review, if I'm going to do it.

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