Fixing Crypt::RandPasswd

curationpassword generation Wed 10 April 2013

I just released a bugfix for a critical bug in Crypt::RandPasswd. This was the module, and the bug, which started me writing reviews of CPAN modules.

The first review I wrote was of CPAN modules for generating passwords. I wrote the review because the first module I tried, Crypt::RandPasswd, had a nasty bug where it would occasionally go into an infinite loop. Up until that point it looked like the best module for the job:

Having hit the infinite-loop bug, I realised there was no obvious way to quickly identify the right module to use, so I should evaluate all of them, so I could make an informed decision. I figured others might follow the same path as me, so I should share my findings.

Eventually I got around to getting co-maint on Crypt::RandPasswd (thanks to the PAUSE Admins), and have just released a first bug fix. Next I'll update the documentation, and bring the metadata up-to-date.

This is part of my process: when I find bugs, I should try and fix them, and if the author is no longer (interested in) maintaining the module, I should try and get co-maint so I can release a fix.

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