New home for my perl blogging

bloggingbs Thu 4 April 2013

I've decided to do most of my perl blogging here from now on, rather than on (BPO). I'll still post announcements of reviews and things like that on BPO, but general everyday perl blogging will go here. In this post I'll discuss the reasons, and briefly cover the tool I'm using.

I think there are two main classes of blog engine: simple low-tech ones, and rich publishing platforms. Static blog tools are in the first category, and Wordpress is in the second. BPO is based on Movable Type, which doesn't fall into either camp. I found it restrictive to work with, but not so much that I stopped using it.

Recently though, I've been having a lot of ideas and topics that I want to blog about, but have started to feel that I was posting too much for BPO. BPO is a public blogging platform, with both a lot of bloggers and subscribers, so I think that people should take at least a little care on what and how much they post. I don't want to be the one blogger who taints the BPO experience for some subscribers, who start thinking "this bloody NEILB posts too much". By having my own blog, people can decide whether they want to subscribe.

I decided to go with a low-tech solution, and after looking at various options, decided to write my own, mainly for the fun of it. My blog tool is called bs, and provides a very simple setup, which I'll describe in a separate post.

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